Food and the Power of Place

An A to Z of food and food brands

A Arbroath Smokies, Aberdeen Angus, Amalfi Lemons, Asti Spumante

B Bakewell Tart, Black Forest Gateaux, Baked Alaska, Buffalo Wings

C Cornish Pasties

D Dublin Bay Prawns, Dundee Cake

E Eccles Cakes

F Frankfurter

G Gouda

H Hildon Water

I Idaho Red

J Jersey Royals, Jaffa Cakes, Jarlsberg

K Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kendal Mint Cake, Key Lime, Chicken Kiev

L Lancashire Hot Pot

M Melton Mowbray Pie, Madras Curry

N New England Chowder, Salade Niçoise

O Oxford Blue

P Parma Ham, Pilsner, Philadelphia Cheesecake

Q Quiche Lorraine

R Roquefort

S Sisteron Lamb, Sancerre

T Turkish Delight

U Ulster Fry

V Vougeot

W Wensleydale

X Xeres

Y Yorkshire Pudding

Z Zamarano

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