From The Brand Historian’s Timeline: 1962

1962 was the year that had it all: Missiles and Marilyn; Bond and the Beatles, Warhol and Steptoe. It also saw the introduction of two giants of consumer culture. Things hadn’t started very well for Lou Groen’s McDonald’s franchise in Ohio. Especially on Fridays, when the predominantly Catholic clientele in the area were prohibited from eating meat. Lou’s eureka date with history came with the idea of combining fried fish with tartare sauce in the familiar McDonalds bun. The Filet-O-Fish was born and it hit Ray Kroc’s – the Hula Pineapple and Cheese Burger – right out of the park. Meanwhile back in York in England, Rowntree continued a golden run of innovation with After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins which brilliantly packaged dark chocolate, fondant crème and genteel aspiration in a delightfully tasteful if over fussy little carton. #branding #brand #marketing #history

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