How Germans helped create the American Dream

From the Brand Historian’s Timeline: 1876

The Centennial year of the United States had its moments of high drama including the shock defeat of Custer at the Little Big Horn, a deadly fire in Brooklyn in which hundreds were killed and a bitterly disputed presidential election in November which was not finally settled until well into 1877.

But there were some promising beginnings too. In Chicago, the White Stockings (now, rather confusingly, the Cubs) won the first National Baseball League, meanwhile in two other cities, the children of German immigrants were busy changing American eating and drinking habits for ever. In St. Louis, Adolphus Busch seized the opportunity of using railroads and industrial scale refrigeration to begin mass marketing Budweiser, his pale pilsener which drew generously on the brewing heritage of the old world. In Pittsburgh, Henry J Heinz, inspired by an old Chinese sauce called Cat Sup started selling a condiment he called ketchup. Busch and Heinz were the first great marketing wizards who by cleverly modifying and modernising what already existed, succeeded in building global brands which also embody the great American Dream. #branding #brand #marketing #history

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